Our aim is to satisfy our customer's needs.

Nippon Jabara started its business as the first bellows-maker in Japan and we have provided lots of products which reflects brand-new possibilities of the expansion and contraction mechanism, being based on its abundant know-how and a large stock of high technologies.
 In recent years, we are required to increase much higher operation speed, shorter delivery time and lower prices.
We appreciate these requirements and we are not satisfied with where we are now. So we assure you that we will aim at providing far higher quality and better service. Moreover, we will try to refine our individual employee’s character, keeping in mind that both our existence and our products can please and satisfy our customers. And we also aim to make social contributions and to become a company in which people inside and outside of our company can feel really happy.


COMPANY NAME Nippon Jabara Kogyo Co., Ltd.
CAPITAL 40 million yen
NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES Domestic 110 Overseas 120
WHAT WE DO The production, sales and repair of machine tools, industrial tools and machines for plant equipment.
We deal in bellows, telescope covers, winding covers, apron covers, chip conveyors,
cable chains, wiper edges, lifting covers, and heat resistant expansion devices.

We are a member the 'Japan Machine Tools Association' , the 'Kobe Chamber of commerce and Industry' and the Hyogo Prefecture, Small and Medium Size Business Association'.
We are located at the following offices.
Main Office 1-16-9 Mizuki Street, Hyogo-ku, Kobe City.
Tokyo Branch 32-1-6 Tateishi Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Nagoya Branch 161 Futase-cho Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City.
Miki Factory 66-40 Masuda, Hosokawacho, Miki

NO.299, Dongye Rd. Dongjing , Shanghai ,


1957 January Nippon Jabara started in Fukiai ward as the first bellows company in Japan.
1961 March The Nagoya branch started.
1964 May The main office and factory moved to Hyogo ward, Kobe city.
1965 December The Tokyo branch started.
1967 December The Miki factory was opened in Miki City.
1979 December The Miki factory was enlarged to produce telescopic covers.
1980 October The Miki factory was enlarged to produce expansions for garbage incinerators.
1990 November The new main office building was constructed.
1996 August Technical cooperation with 'Technimetal Italy' was established.
1997 March The production of the 'high resistance to shock bellows' "the Rebero"
"the barrier flex" and the apron cover was started.
1998 March The 'International Trade Department' was established in the Main office.
1998 June Began sales of the 'liner flex' .
2000 March Forged an agreement with EITEC Germany and received the exclusive rights to sell Aiteck products in Japan.
2000 June Received ISO9001.
2000 June Forged an agreement with Brevetti, Italy and received the exclusive right
to sell Brevetti products in Japan.
2001 December Started producing the 'panel type' apron cover.
2002 February Started producing the 'winding type' apron cover.
2004 March Awarded the Hyogo Progressive Management prize.
2005 March Awarded Excellence Prize in Kansai IT-activated Enterprise Selection.
2005 November Awarded Innovative Enterprise Prize in NBK Grand Prize 2005.
2006 March NAJEC ( Shanghai ) started up production.
2007 December Started the field test of the new technology for the Solar Power Generation together with NEDO.
2008 February Given “ Excellence Prize” in Small and Medium Enterprise Management Capability Grand Prize.
2008 June Awarded the testimonial of Tax-Payment from Hyogo-Pref.
2009 March The new ridge was constructed in MIKI factory.
2010 February Broadcasted at NHK TV program "Aim the star of company".
2010 March The Mister of State for National Policy Mr. Yoshito SENGOKU visited the Kobe office.



We aim to contribute to our community and the public by developing the new possibilities of products with stretchable and protective function, to enhance the character of our individual members and the business performance of our company, and to try to seek for the true happiness for its all entity.


Try to take Another Step Forward


We will provide the advanced and supreme quality products which meet the customers' needs. We will always make the efforts to create the no.1 quality in our industry and to try to do our best to improve the quality all the time.


In our activities for developing the possibilities of products with stretchable and protective function, we will try to harmonize the environment and human beings and to contribute to realizing a better ecology.


We will try to continue to do the activities for preservation and improvement of environment , based on the following 6 guidelines. For the above purpose, we will lead all our employees and members to be familiar with our environmental policy. We are also ready to disclose what we are doing on demand. 

  1. We will proceed a good management and develop such products as to contribute to protecting and improving the global environment.
  2. We will conduct the production and sales friendly to environment.
  3. We will address the reduction of resources and energy.
  4. We will try not to waste resources and try to reuse and recycle them.
  5. We will observe the laws related to environment.
  6. We will proceed symbioses with the local community.

Nippon Jabara



NEDO ( New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) is Japan’s largest public R&D management organization for developing and promoting the advanced industrial, environmental, new energy and energy conservation technologies. Nippon Jabara set up a Solar Power Generation facility at MIKI factory, aiming to develop new energy and conserve its energy and to conduct the test for verifying the effectiveness of these technologies, in collaboration with NEDO. Furthermore, Nippon Jabara set up a small type of street lamp, by purchasing it from WATT KOBE, operated by the hybrid system of wind power and solar power generation.

Miki Factory


Awarded “Excellence Prize” in Small& Medium Enterprise Management Capability Grand Prize by METI


Nippon Jabara’s actual performance of IT management was evaluated, in the respect of our stance and efforts for addressing IT management and its introduction into actual management.
By introduction of ERP and group ware, we’ve been conducting an integrated management and analysis for the information coming from various processes and we’ve established such a system that these data will lead to planning new products and new services. This system has also contributed to the quick transmission from and the implementation by the top management and to the increase of productivity by 10% every year.
In this way, we have been making efforts to be adaptable to the whole entity. Furthermore, we have been playing the leading role for promoting the IT management in the business circles activities.

What is “small& medium enterprise IT management grand prize” ? 

METI created this award to try to enhance the will to address more aggressive use of IT in its management and started to award this prizes from 2008 to such small companies as to be helpful to other companies who will try to address IT management, by commending its good performance.
Our company was awarded “excellence prize “ in this grand prize among 429 applicants. 



NBK GRAND PRIZE Innovative Enterprise Award


NBK GRAND PRIZE is given by Kansai New Business Conference to such an excellent company which is selected among enterprises and managements who are promoting the development of new businesses with innovative and potential marketability The selection targets for this award are aimed at such enterprises locating at 5 prefectures in Kinki area, which have successively developed innovative businesses and/or products, or have huge potential for significant growth. They are also aimed at such managements as have embarked upon new applications and/or are showing entrepreneurship in adopting new management method. Nippon Jabara was given NBK GRAND PRIZE innovative Enterprise Award 2005.


awarded Excellence Price in Kansai IT-activated Enterprise Selection

Kansai IT-activated Enterprise Selection is aimed to make honorable recognition of small and medium enterprises which have put IT to use effectively as a means of achieving the management targets and actually have successfully recorded excellent performance also. The purpose of this award is to try to promote IT which is actually effective and to show actual examples that using IT makes money and moreover it will lead to better Kansai area economy. Nippon Jabara was recognized for its maintaining stable growth and performance and was given Excellence Prize. We were also welcomed as a new member of Kansai IT-Selection Society.

Kansai IT-activated



We were very fortunate to have our management, our philosophy and our policy systems assessed by an outside organization. Through this process, we were able to notice many of our good points and some weak points. We decided to improve all areas related to our products.

We decided to build a structure which deals with the customers needs directly and understands the customers point of view. Based on T.Q.M.(total quality management) we set targets and decide main policy. We then set our concrete targets such as practical business achievement targets, chart and personal target' action program' .
Through these programs, we administer targets and try to complete the P.D.C.A. cycle.
Those efforts were highly assessed by the award committee.

The mechanism through which the company President can convey his ideas and his enthusiasm to the employees.

At the beginning of each year, the employees all gather and the business plan is anounced. The President explains the management philosophy and the business plan for the next year.
The President delivers this plan in writing to each individual employee. These plans are constantly read by the workers at morning meetings. In this way, the President is able to communicate his enthusiasm and vision for the coming year.


ISO9001 Quality Guarantee

The Nippon Jabara head office and the Miki city factory was recognized in June 2000 as meeting the high standards demanded by the Japan Quality Guarantee
Association. All of the branches were given this recognition and registered in the same year.

The first publishing 30 June 2000
The last publishing 16 July 2004
ISO9001 ISO9001


Privacy Policy

Nippon Jabara regards that it is very important for us to properly control and protect personal information and your privacies, in handling them.

【 Definition of Personal Information 】
Personal information is information about the existing individuals which are personally identifiable like name, birthday and other descriptions, including such information as to be able to identify a particular person easily, along with other information. 

【 Proper Collection of Personal Information 】
We obtain personal information through a legal and fair means and will never use an illegal means in trying to get it.
In collecting personal information, we will get your approval for the purpose of our use or we announce our requirements on our company’s website.

【 Purpose of Use of Personal Information 】
We use personal information about you for the following purposes, when it is necessary for us in carrying out our own job or in doing the job in collaboration with our affiliate company. We handle personal information within a reasonable range in a proper way, when we get some requirements from you.

<Purpose of Use>

  • advice on available time of your purchased products, services you asked us for, relevant after-sales service, maintenance, repairs, etc
  • provision and introduction of various information for our products, services, campaigns, catalogues, etc.
  • planning, developing and improving our products and services
  • research, collection and analysis of data, through customer survey
  • fulfillment of other relevant jobs